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the concept

MIMI & MAGGIE product is created for everyday use dedicated to using the highest quality of materials and standards of workmanship. The product range is for girls 12M-approximately age 12. The products include jeans, tops, skirts, sweaters, coats and dresses. We search the world over for committed factories that do specialized high quality product and handwork. In this age of high tech and mass production, we strive to keep the “handmade” touch that adds individuality to each garment.

our inspiration

...the little girl with laughter in her eyes, fire in her spirit, love in her heart and dance in her feet. We find inspiration in the individuality of children and their art. We honor their free spirits, joy of discovery and happiness in the simple pleasures of life.

We continue to be inspired by the multitude of local and traditional crafts from the different cultures of the world. From the metropolitan Chinatowns to the spiritual quiet of the Himalayas, we have searched out craftsmen and techniques that have been handed down through the generations. We strive to blend the handicrafts of world cultures, incorporating the beauty and craftsmanship into modern day garments.

our wish to offer clothing that appeals to the child and adult alike, by offering colorful, unique and quality oriented clothing that has a touch of the “culture” that has inspired it. Perhaps, there will be a better appreciation of all the different types of beauty that coexist in the world today. Childhood is a precious time to be CELEBRATED .... everyday!

the dream always be curious and surpass expectations of ourselves and our customers. leave a positive influence in the world and to help make dreams come true.